Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I have a blog?

Very healthy 9 pound boy born July 13th! Since then we have been busy managing 4 crazy kids. Everything could not have gone any better. I am so blessed. Baby was baptized last weekend! Our oldest son is preparing for kindergarten. First dag of school is Thursday. I do have so much to say but we are just too busy around these parts! Special thanks to all of my fav bloggers for giving me plenty to read while nursing my beautiful baby boy. God bless. I will update soon!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


37 weeks. I feel like I am contracting every minute. But, I guess since I was blessed with twins in my last pregnancy this is the norm for me. I am scheduled for my C Section July 18th. My twins'  birthday is the 21st. I am hoping to go a bit sooner. I feel bad that the twins have to share their birthday with another sibling! My husband insists it just means we can have a bigger party.

I thought I would include a few rare pictures of myself the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Better late than never. Right?

Just Me at 36 weeks

Just Me at 37 weeks

As you can tell, I have gained a HORRID amount of weight this pregnancy. I think I even weigh more than when I had the twins. I pray that I can get back to a decent weight after this bundle of boy. I am assuming this boy is at least the size of a small toddler anyway. I have really let lose during this pregnancy. You know, the SEE FOOD diet.  I am so embarrassed. You can just SEE the look in others eyes when they see me. Just like it would be if you saw Marshmallow Man cruising down Main Street.  All kidding aside, this is all worth it. All I want is this boy to be so healthy, but we will take him no matter what! 

My kids and I have been attending vacation bible school at our church. It has been incredibly awesome. I am so proud of how much my kids are learning and how willing they are to learn. My oldest son is really putting me to shame. He is LIVING the way I should be living. Such a faithful little boy. If I don't step up my game soon, he will begin to think he should start slacking too. Girlfriend needs to step it up.  Should be easier since New Kids on The Block are reuniting. "Step by Step OHHHH BABYA"

With my ever expanding belly. My daughter is just brimming with excitement over her new brother to be. She asked me yesterday " Mommy, when I have my own babies will I still be a daughter?"  I answered " Of course, you will be a daughter, wife, sister, and mother"  Then she replied " If I don't like my baby can I give it to you?"  OH MY! Really. This is the thought of a soon to be 4 year old. Wow. I replied that she will love her baby just as much as I love her and her brothers. God would pick out the perfect baby for her. I also made a point to tell her all of the different ways Mommy's become mothers. I explained adoption to her. It is so important for her to know that she can be a mommy even if she can't carry a baby. Obviously, we don't know that now. But, a casual mention can't hurt. It might spare her feelings in the future. I don't know.  BTW, not looking forward to the questions from her teenage years AT ALL!

I hope you all have a VERY SAFE 4th.  We hope to go to a pool party, sport lots of sunscreen and hit up the Cars 2 movie. God Bless! Sorry for the silly pictures. There is NO CHANCE in me posting my big behind. It might shut down blogger with too many pixels or something.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

You down with NFP? Yeah you know me!!

Yes, still here. Still reading all of your lovely blogs. Thanks again for being rockstar bloggers!

I am almost 34 weeks along. Stressing out so much more than I can remember with my other two pregnancies. I have tried to plan/prepare for everything that I can think of. But, as we all know, the big guy makes all of the plans. So we shall see.  Still no name for this baby boy. I would feel much better if we had a few good choices... but alas, no luck yet.

I do have so much to write about. But time is a bit short today. Baseball season for my big boy is fully in swing. Just finished ballet for my daughter. We have had a busy summer already!

Suggestions on NFP?  My husband and I have not used artificial birth control. But, I believe our previous "pregnancy avoidance" may not be in line with our faith. Any help, resources or thoughts on this greatly appreciated.  I do plan on nursing this baby for a year. So that should help. Right?

Stay cool and I will fill you all in next week! God Bless.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Smoking is a lot like Starbucks

Ok. Growing up, both of my parents were smokers. Now my mom finally quit and my Dad still hides/lies about still smoking. I never really had the need or urge to start smoking. However, because my parents both smoked, I really really tried to give it a go. Why not? They love it. If I could enjoy something as much as that it would be great right? So I can remember on a few occasions stealing a few cigarettes from good ole' mums purse and holding on to those bad boys until the time was right. I can remember one summer day when home alone giving the smoking a whirl. One deep breath, not a chance of inhaling that death smoke and I was done. I said heck to the naw. This stinks. IT IS NOT FUN AT ALL. When I turned 18, one of the privileges is buying cigarettes, which I did. Again, never smoked a one. It was too much work to learn to like smoking. To this day I still don't understand it at all. I am glad Iam still mystified. I guess on the other hand, people cannot understand why I love me some brownies and marshmallow cream. But, by the way I look, they can tell I love it!

Anyhoo, I kinda feel the same way about Starbucks. ALL of the cool kids I know go there often. No problemo to drop a cool five spot on a very tiny drink. I've tried. The cost I justify as " I deserve this"  After many, many, many failed attempts, I cannot find a mocha, chocka non- fat, caramel machiatio, shaken, 2 shots with frap chips that I love. That I just love and would spend  1 million on because it is so good. No such luck. How do yoiy know where to start, what you will love? I even tried the IPhone Starbucks app to see if it would work. It did but the dude at the counter laughed at me.Said I might like this "blah blah machino" better. So I got that. Good enough. I kept the cup in my car so I could look at the sticker again to know how to order. I have some  meetings here at the bucket of stars and I would love to know what I could order that would justify my kids not getting extra money in their college fund. Btw, decaf all the way.

Still no name for this beautiful baby that I am baking right now. My oldest son said " Well you can't call him baby for too long, maybe baby, then little boy, boy, teenager, adult, old man and old old man"  So at least we have choices!

Have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Plan vs Prepare

Funny what a little sunshine can do!  What a beautiful day God has made today! THANK YOU!  I feel great. The sun is shining. How lovely. Amazing what God can work up in just a days time.

Work has been challenging this year. I think to myself "It is all God's plan" But then I wonder. I can't just be ok with what is happening. I need to do something about it. Right? Maybe by understanding that God has a hand in all of our plans, it allows me to free myself of the disappointment. If a meeting with a client doesn't go the way I want it to then I say it was Gods will. No need to lament or drown in the disappointment.Pick up and keep trying right? If not, I would really be completely down in the dumps all of the time.

In the back of my mind I am wondering what I am to be taught from this "drought" in my business.  In hindsight, I can see many results from what I have prayed for. They were so gradual..on God's time. God has delivered tenfold and in His own way.

The hardest part is listening. Am I doing what He wants me to. What is this time in my business career telling me? New career? That just doesn't feel right to me. I do enjoy what I do. I have flexibility as a mother to do what I need to do. I make a decent living. So asking me, I just don't think a new career is an option.

I think about Mary often these days. When Joseph discovered she was pregnant he was going to quietly divorce her to spare her shame. The shame of being pregnant and not married. Mary accepted this shame willingly in order to follow God's plans for her. Stay with me on this one....What if God really wants me to change jobs?or worse what if the company I represent says "See ya l8r!!"  Granted, my situation would have to be very dire for this to happen. But if that did happen, I too would feel shame , embarrassment, complete failure. Pride much? It is a HUGE worry for me now. Again, realistically, my job is secure now. But, just thinking about the possibility, eeek.

God's plan is His plan. I just need to be prepared to answer Him with a "yes" like Mary did. I need to rest in Him. Place my worries in His hands. Pray that I can discern His will for me versus my own. Easy peasy?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hodge podge

We found out last week that baby number 4 is a... BOY!  More importantly, the ultrasound showed that everything is normal. I was convinced that this next blessing was a girl. So a surprise to me! Our daughter was planning to have the baby crib in her room. When I told her  she would be having a little brother she was happy.....but she said her room is  "girls only" and baby brother needed to find another place to sleep. This coming from a 3 year old. Crazy! Her twin brother graciously welcomes his new brother into his room. So a crib moving we will go!

As I stare at my babies pictures on my desk, am just overwhelmed with how blessed I am in this moment. Chewing on my red twizzler helps too. I cant get enough of those! My stomach says enough. But my mind keeps on going...

Anyhoo. I plan to really get down and dirty this weekend getting the house in order. Only 5 months to go until baby boy. Since I already have 3 kids, that 5 months is really like only having 2 weeks.  Between sickness, school, and activities time flies so fast. I like to be prepared too. :)

I have been a Catholic  all of my life. However, I feel like I have been in a constant conversion process for the past 6 years. I learn so much from reading all of your blogs. Last year, Queen B talked about her Magificat magazine. I didn't even know what it was!!! So I checked it out. They sent me a free copy. I asked for it for Christmas. I am on my second month. I DO love it dearly. However, I am not too committed to the readings as I hoped I would be. I always seem to miss either the morning or evening readings. I pray that during my Lenten journey I will be better at using this awesome tool.

Speaking of Lent. I am again very excited. Excited because our oldest son, who is 5, is really asking great questions. I plan to take him to adoration and the stations of the cross. Mama JD's family is giving up donuts. I suggested this to my son. He is on board too. We are a donut loving family. I hope to also incorporate something that will foster good will amongst my kids. Stuff that they can do for each other. During advent, we had  Jesus in a manger. Anytime they did something nice for each other, they got to put straw in their manger. They still ask if they can do this 4 months after Christmas! I'd better get crackin' on that too.

Thanks so much for taking time to leave comments and for writing your blogs. God bless!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am going to have to ice WHAT????

Being my 3rd pregnancy (4th child) you would think I would know pretty much how things go. The body changes to expect in pregnancy. The emotional swings. Lack of sleep. But lately, I have been experiencing some lets say "pain" in my girl parts that seemed to be a bit uncomfortable. Almost like I have been kicked repeatedly there. I know way more info than expected.  Now, I am sharing because I had NO CLUE at all that this is possible. ( what I am about to say :) )
Anyhoo, being the awesome worrier I am , I dialed the doc. She asked me to come in to get checked. Not dilated. Nope. Drum roll. It was VARICOSE VEINS IN MY GIRL???? What? Apparently common enough,especially if you have had multiple pregnancies and if the veins run in your family. Painful now. As my baby grows, so will the pain. EEEEK! But good news ladies!!!! There is a solution.
Not only can I alleviate my vein issue, I will not have to worry about my hubby wanting any action because

                                                          THIS is what I get to wear......


HAWT! HAWT!  My hubby will not be able to resist me! Great timing too. Becausee my dahling hubby got this in the mail today..


                                     While THAT is on our coffee table. This is what I'm sportn'?

                                                                       Aww heck nah!

So yes, many surprises with even a 3rd pregnancy. But this is nothing. As long as baby is healthy, I would carry the moon if I had too.